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Energy Prices (Mid February 2020)

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Energy Prices (Early February 2020)

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Energy Prices (Mid January 2020)

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Energy Prices (Early January 2020)

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Energy Prices (Mid December 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early December 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid November 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early November 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid October 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early October 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid September 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid August 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early August 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid July 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early July 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid June 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early June 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid May 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early May 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid April 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early April 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid March 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early March 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid February 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early February 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid January 2019)

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Energy Prices (Early January 2019)

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Energy Prices (Mid December 2018)

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Energy Prices (Mid May 2018)

31 new cracks found at the Hunterston B plant.

Energy Prices (Early May 2018)

Temperatures are expected to rise to around 5°C above the seasonal norm.

Energy Prices (Mid April 2018)

Warmer than normal temperatures forecast over the next 10 days

Energy Prices (Early April 2018)

UK oil and gas production is expected to increase by 5% this year

Energy Prices (Mid March 2018)

Colder than normal temperatures experienced across Europe will persist for the rest of the month.

Energy Prices (Early March 2018)

General Electric has announced plans to develop the world’s largest offshore wind turbine.

Energy Prices (Mid February 2018)

Eggborough power station is to close at the end of September.

Energy Prices (Early February 2018)

Gas will overtake oil as the world’s biggest energy source by 2040.

Energy Prices (Mid January 2018)

Colder than normal temperatures are highly likely in the UK and northwest Europe over the next fortnight

Energy Prices (Early January 2018)

The first gas production has been announced at Egypt’s Zohr field.

Energy Prices (Mid December 2017)

If Asian prices continue to rise cargoes will continue to be lured eastwards and away from the UK and Europe.

Energy Prices (Early December 2017)

The UK government recently announced budget plans to invest £400 million in electric car charging infrastructure

Energy Prices (Mid November 2017)

French hydropower reservoir levels have dropped to their lowest levels for the time of year since 2005.

Energy Prices (Early November 2017)

A first taste of winter weather has pushed UK short-term gas prices to a new seven-and-a-half-month high.

Energy Prices (Mid October 2017)

Scotland has banned fracking indefinitely, extending a moratorium on the process it imposed in 2015.

Energy Prices (Early October 2017)

Clayhill solar farm in Bedfordshire has started operations.

Energy Prices (Mid September 2017)

France is aiming to end all gas (and oil) production by 2040.

Energy Prices (Early September 2017)

Global solar capacity could rival global nuclear capacity by the end of this year.

Energy Prices (Early August 2017)

The British government is to invest £246 million in supporting battery research and development.

Energy Prices (Mid July 2017)

China has claimed a world first in extracting gas from frozen gas hydrates on the seabed.

Energy Prices (Early July 2017)

China has issued a ban on imports of coal into small ports from the start of July.

Energy Prices (Mid June 2017)

Short-term UK gas prices plunged mid-June.

Energy Prices (Early June 2017)

Supplying more than 24% of the country’s electricity, British solar power output hit a record high on the 26th of May.

Energy Prices (Mid May 2017)

UK annual power prices are now at their lowest level since early December.

Energy Prices (Early May 2017)

The disruption of the Jet Stream by an anticyclone over the North Atlantic should lead to low wind levels in May.

Energy Prices (Mid April 2017)

We are set to see generally colder than normal weather in the UK and western Europe for the next 7-10 days.

Climate Change Levy Rates for 2017/18

CCL charges increase from 01/04/2017

Energy Prices (Early April 2017)

The largest LNG buyers from Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to “cooperate in the joint procurement of LNG”

Energy Prices (Mid March 2017)

Four nuclear reactors in France that have been kept offline for months are expected to restart this year.

Energy Prices (Early March 2017)

Storm Doris helped push gas and power prices down.

Energy Prices (Mid February 2017)

The construction of a planned 3,800 MW nuclear plant at Moorside in Cumbria has been thrown into doubt.

Energy Prices (Early February 2017)

Falling prices in electric car and solar power technology could halt global growth in oil and coal use.

Energy Prices (Mid January 2017)

Chinese New Year’s celebrations could lead to a drop-off in Chinese physical coal buying demand.

Energy Prices (Early January 2017)

Shale gas exploration in the village of Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire will now proceed following the High Court’s decision to dismiss a legal challenge.

Energy Prices (Mid December 2016)

The French nuclear supply panic which has dominated UK and European power markets since the start of October has all but ended.

Energy Prices (Early December 2016)

Annual UK power prices are stable to marginally firmer while prices for the remainder of this winter have weakened.

Energy Prices (Mid November 2016)

UK gas prices run out of steam and start to tumble.

Energy Prices (Early November 2016)

UK power prices pushed higher again.

Energy Prices (Mid October 2016)

UK power prices across the winter months surged further in early October

Energy Prices (Early October 2016)

China is lifting output restrictions at up to 800 mines in an effort to combat rising domestic coal prices

Energy Prices (Mid September 2016)

Prices may be knocked back to pre-spike levels

Energy Prices (Early September 2016)

Colder weather in November and December could increase the likelihood of gas and power spikes

Energy Prices (Mid July 2016)

UK power and gas prices for the coming winter leapt mid-July

Energy Prices (Early July 2016)

Brexit and the uncertainty it has created could lead to investment in planned UK energy infrastructure projects being delayed or cancelled

Energy Prices (Mid June 2016)

Annuals hit 7½-month high on the back of predictions of tighter winter margins following recent plant closures

Energy Prices (Mid May 2016)

Poland is to start receiving LNG at its new Świnoujście terminal – the largest in northern and eastern Europe – from next month, becoming a significant LNG importer for the first time.

Climate Change Levy Rates for 2016/17

CCL charges increase from 01/04/2016

Energy Prices (Mid March 2016)

Oversupply fears remain a feature on gas, oil and coal markets and will take some time to dissipate.

Energy Prices (Mid February 2016)

Colder and less windy weather is forecast for western Europe over the next fortnight, which could increase domestic, industrial and power sector demand for gas.

Energy Prices (Mid January 2016)

It has been a volatile fortnight, with even Annual prices changing by as much as 4% a day.

Energy Prices (Mid December 2015)

MPs have voted in favour of allowing fracking underneath national parks.

Energy Prices (Early December 2015)

Longer-term UK power prices have stuttered higher over the last fortnight.

Energy Prices (Mid November 2015)

Increased military action against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is seen as potentially fuelling geopolitical tensions.

Energy Prices (Early November 2015)

A cold turn in the weather could trigger a demand surge and change in market sentiment.

Energy Prices (Mid October 2015)

UK power and gas prices for all periods have heaved higher and then lower over the last fortnight.

Energy Prices (Early October 2015)

New record lows have been reached across UK gas Annuals over the last fortnight.

Energy Prices (Mid September 2015)

Speculation is growing of an imminent rise in US interest rates.

Energy Prices (Mid August 2015)

The final agreement for the construction of the 3.2 GW Hinkley Point C nuclear plant is expected within weeks.

Energy Prices (Early August 2015)

The oil market has dropped 14% since mid-July, with prices reaching a six-month low

Energy Prices (Mid July 2015)

Sharp reductions in US and Indonesian coal exports could help tighten the coal market, supporting prices.

Energy Prices (Early July 2015)

The Hatfield coal mine in Yorkshire has been shut down, 14 months ahead of schedule.

Energy Prices (Mid June 2015)

UK power prices are back on a downwards track after the rise in early June

Energy Prices (early June 2015)

Major UK coal fired power plants to close in 2015 while EU renewables reach 32% of generated power

Energy Prices (mid May 2015)

Prices stay relatively stable, but shutdowns may cause future issues

Energy Prices (early May 2015)

Japan's return to Nuclear generation may drop global gas prices

Energy Prices (mid April 2015)

cutbacks in production of coal and oil may bolster prices, but the ripples of the oil collapse may still continue

Energy Prices (early April 2015)

Cold weather could lift prices, but new budget could improve Northe Sea investment

Climate Change Levy rates for 2015/16

CCL charges increase from 01/04/2015

Energy Prices (mid March 2015)

is government policy damaging investment in renewable power? fossil fuel prices continue to fall.

Energy Prices (early March 2015)

Solar Eclipse could cause issues in areas dependent on solar generation

Energy Prices (mid February 2015)

EUA prices may increase after EU vote on allowances

Energy Prices (early February 2015)

Cold weather boosts demand and prices

Energy Prices (mid January 2015)

Prices continue to fall

Energy Prices (early January 2015)

prices keep falling, is there a bounce to come?

Energy Prices (Mid December 2014)

Prices continue to fall

Energy Prices (early December 2014)

Renewable plans scaled back, LNG prices fall

Energy Prices (mid November 2014)

Oil prices fall and bring other markets along

Energy Prices (early November 2014)

Unusually high levels of gas storage and supplies are a good start to the winter

Energy Prices (mid October 2014)

Oil Prices drop sharply, but a rebound is possible

Energy Prices (early October 2014)

Clocks change and winter usage habits begin, prices set to increase.

Energy Prices (mid September 2014)

low system capacity could cause problems following shutdowns and repairs at many power stations

Energy Prices (early September 2014)

Shutdowns at nuclear sites keep prices high, but a warmer autumn forecast could ease demand

Energy Prices (mid August 2014)

Nuclear maintenance shut downs could shore up prices, while LNG exports are diverted to the UK

Energy Prices (Early August 2014)

Fire at Ferrybridge removes 980 MW of capacity

Energy Prices (mid July 2014)

leviathan gas field in Israel even larger than thought. UK stores at 88%

Energy Prices (early July 2014)

Heatwave could drive prices up, while high LNG exports push prices down

Energy Prices (mid June 2014)

Violence in Iraq and strikes in Norway could push prices up

Energy Prices (Early June 2014)

Japan blocks a return to nuclear, keeping demand for LNG high

Energy Prices (mid May 2014)

Ukrainian tensions continue to influence prices

Energy Prices (early May 2014)

Maintenance in Norway reduces gas flows but large LNG shipments due to land soon

Increase to Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy increases as of April 2014

Energy Prices (mid April 2014)

Ukrainian tensions continue to influence prices

Energy Prices (early April 2014)

Anti-trust investgation in to UK power likely to delay investment in new generation

Energy Prices (mid March 2014)

Concern over Ukrainian crisis continue, but long term outlook is good

Energy Prices (early March 2014)

Ukrainian crisis impacts energy prices

Energy Prices (mid February 2014)

Columbian exports of coal set to increase while nuclear shut downs could increase demand from gas powered stations

Energy Prices (early February 2014)

E.On shuts down gas plant while West of Duddon Wind farm produces electricity for the first time

Energy Prices (mid January 2014)

Outages of power plants and scaled back gas production are offset by the mild winter reducing demand for all energy types

Energy Prices (early January 2014)

A warm winter reduces demand for gas, the EU commission investigates UK funding of nuclear plant

Energy Prices (mid December 2013)

long term predicted gas production for North Sea falls while a mild winter reduces demand

Energy Prices (early December 2013)

Cancelled green energy plans could drive up electricity prices prices, while new gas production and shale gas opportunities may stabilize gas in the long term

Energy Prices (mid November 2013)

Energy bill amendments and cold temperatures drive prices

Energy Prices (early November 2013)

Oil prices at 6 month low, West Rochelle field open

Energy Prices (mid October 2013)

Energy Bridge project continuing, Teesside station to be demolished

Energy Prices (early October 2013)

OfGem grants licenses to Moray Firth wind farm

Energy Prices (mid September 2013)

Warm September could suppress gas demand

Energy Prices (early September 2013)

Uncertainty over Syria upholds energy prices

Energy Prices (mid August 2013)

Prices fall as consumption levels drop below seasonal norms

Energy Prices (early August 2013)

Energy prices holding steady

Energy Prices (mid July 2013)

Prices hold in the face of heatwave

Energy Prices (early July 2013)

UK power prices fall to lowest levels so far this year

Energy Prices (mid June 2013)

Short term prices continue to fall despite temperatures remaining below seasonal norms

Energy Prices (early June 2013)

Warm start to the month helps lower prices

Energy Prices (early May 2013)

Warmer weather pushes short-term prices down

Climate Change Levy

CCL increases effective 1st April 2013

Energy Prices (early April 2013)

Cold weather to continue as prices reach new heights

Energy Prices (mid March 2013)

Potential drop in demand as BST approaches

Energy Prices (early March 2013)

Gas prices rocket following a power failure at major gas processing plant

Energy Prices (early February 2013)

UK energy prices increase, although the cost of Carbon has reduced

Energy Prices (mid Jan 2013)

A continuing steady forward market for the early part of the year

Energy Prices (early Jan 2013)

UK Power & Gas prices end 2012 on a downward trend

Energy Prices (early December)

A generally stable market, but weather forecasters expect a cold winter

Energy Prices (mid November 2012)

A state of flux existed in the energy markets over the last 2 weeks

Energy Prices (mid October 12)

Gas and Electricity Annual Wholesale prices sitting steady for last couple of weeks

Energy Prices (early October 2012)

Wholesale prices back off slightly

Energy Prices (mid Sept 2012)

Energy Prices holding steady

Energy Prices Update

Norweign Strike Ends

Climate Change Levy Increases 2012/13

New CCL rates for 2012/13

Could this be the end of CRC?

Budget Announcement Signals Uncertain Future for CRC

Energy Prices Update

Oil Prices Reach Record High

Energy Prices Update

Cold-snap causes spike in UK Power Prices

Energy Prices Update

Electricity Prices slump beneath £46/MWh

Latest on the Solar subsidy changes

Solar subsidy changes ruled by the The High Court as legally flawed

CRC Annual Report extension

The EA have provided an extension to improve accuracy of Annual Reports

4th Carbon Budget 2023 to 2027

Britain is to establish ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets....

Climate Change Levy to increase 1st April 2011

From the 1st April 2011, all taxable fossil fuel commodities will incur an increase to the CCL levy for every kilo-watt-hour (kWh)

Government Consultation on Amendments to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Read about the new Government Consultation on CRC

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks - the New Name in UK Distribution

Spending Review Affects CRC Scheme

Government's Spending Review will create fundamental changes in CRC

Future Water & Sewerage Charges

The price review sets out the decisions of Ofwat

Electricity Distribution

Electricity distribution is the final stage in the delivery (before retail) of electricity to end users

Climate Change Levy

In April 2001, UK Businesses were given a major incentive to cut energy usage